Director, Cheryl Hassen

Formerly a successful broadcast executive with CBC Television and a Gemini-award winning producer,  Cheryl Hassen started Bechert Productions in 2009. The name is derived from beshert which means “written in the stars.”

 She directed, produced and shot her first short film, “Change You” in 2012. The film was selected by five film festivals, receiving an Honorable Mention in two of them. Although her second film,  “Uncementing My Heart,” is quite different, it again features Miguel Angel Vergara as the wise man in a supporting role. This time Cheryl teamed up with Billy Arellano as Director of Photography and the rest of her Mexican crew. Her third documentary, shot in Vancouver and Northern B.C. with Scott Sawchuk and Roy Henry Vickers was completed in January 2015 and was picked up by CBCs Documentary Channel shortly afterward.  It has since garnered five awards.

Cheryl’s interest is in journeys that provide insight into our quest to be our best self, to dig deep, to overcome obstacles and discover ourself from the inside out. She is fascinated by subjects that shed light on the connection between humankind and nature for the growth and evolution of both. 

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Cheryl’s unique eye extends to photography and art.  You can see her other creative pursuits at

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