Uncementing My Heart     

Uncementing My Heart is a feature documentary (TRT 46 minutes) that follows Canadian breast surgeon Dr. Virginia Calverley through three initiations in Mexico with Mayan Priest and Master Teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara. Dr. Calverley is disillusioned with the hospital environment and is trying to figure out what she might want to do more than surgery. She met Miguel Angel for an hour a few months before on a prior trip to Mexico. He said that she had a block that she needed to deal with before she could move forward with her purpose beyond being a surgeon. When she returns to Mexico this time, Miguel Angel has an inner transformation journey planned for her to help set the next stage of her evolution.

"In the old times, the Mayas called them initiations, so there will be three initiations.” Miguel Angel Vergara, Mayan Priest and Master Teacher

Miguel Angel and Dr. Calverley at Kinich Kak Moo, the site of the third initiation.

Ginny Calverley at the top of a temple at Uxmal.

“Sometimes things remind me of songs and song lyrics and this one was the idealism of “i’d like to build the world a home.” I think these initiations are kind of reminding me of my best self and my most idealistic self. I think all of us recall a time in our lives when we wanted to go out and change the world. We wanted to make a difference and we knew that we could. The idealism gets lost along the way and we change perspectives but this week and these initiations have reignited that desire to be the best I can be and to try to make a difference, to want to change the world, to want to build the world a home and to have one humanity, one nation, one brotherhood, sisterhood, community. Maybe that’s the feeling and the gift.” Dr. Viriginia Calverley

Miguel Angel preparing for the initiation ceremony at Labna.

“The Mayans said something quite important. They said that the world is a mirror and everywhere you move that mirror reflects you and gives you what you really have within you. You cannot lie to the mirror.” Miguel Angel Vergara

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